About Betty Low and Mark Frary

Betty Low and Mark Frary have worked together – and in business travel – for 15 years.

An economist by training, Betty Low has worked in journalism and publishing for her entire career. She was editor-in-chief of Business Travel World magazine and its highly regarded website, both aimed at travel buyers, until their sale in 2009. Betty was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2007 Business Travel Journalism Awards.

Mark Frary is a writer specialising in business travel and was for several years the business travel editor of The Times. He is a regular contributor to many business travel publications, both in print and online. He has a particular interest in technology. He has won several awards for his business travel work including best news journalist, best features journalist and best technology writer. He is also the author of seven books and is the co-founder of the social media conference Social Travel Market.

Betty and Mark were jointly awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2010 Business Travel Journalism Awards in recognition of their launch of Public Sector Travel.