Follow the leader

nanjing neon, photo: <a href="">kdelacruz</a>

It’s not only fashionistas who want to brandish the look of the moment. News channels can sometimes run stories du jour past their sell-by date because they believe their readers’ appetites for crises, scandal and disaster to be insatiable.

But readers crave positive stories more often than you might think.

The Euro crisis is a good example. No one would argue that the problems that some Euro-zone members have with sovereign debt are very real but bad news stories may not always be what readers want or, indeed, what markets, businesses or politicians want to project.

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has just issued its first GBTA BTI Outlook – China. This research found that business travel is set to increase by 17% in 2012 and 21% in 2013. More significantly it said that “Growth in international outbound travel spending is expected to be particularly strong, rising by 27% in 2013.”

Economic growth has been the Holy Grail for politicians in the West. Business travel follows growth and China looks set to grow.

Politicians and markets claim that people are looking for growth. The GBTA just pointed this out.

It’s important to remember that the story you want is not necessarily what the papers carried yesterday.

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