Reading this on your iPhone?

iphone newsletterMost business travel professionals are very aware and observant – you have to be to survive arriving in strange countries and hotels at weird times of night. But sometimes we’re aware but don’t make the connections.

For example, the business travel world has been bandying about the term ‘mobile office’ for more than a decade. Modern working life means working on the move so laptop management and security, Wi-Fi availability and mobile comms are all intrinsic to business travel.

But travellers receive more than just itineraries via their smartphones. Many companies in the business travel sector communicate regularly with their clients, more and more commonly by email rather than print. But why do so many make the mistake of assuming that because we’re sitting at a desk producing an email for all our clients that all our clients are going to be sitting at a desk with a large screen to read it? Is it the same mentality that lets us think that when we’re out of the office and staring at a smartphone that everyone else is communicating in the same way?

It’s human nature to think that our life is normal and most people are like us. Similarly, we think other people access information in the same way and same time as we do. But just as not everyone has brown eyes and lives in London, not everyone opens emails at their desks.

The next time you redesign your corporate newsletter, make sure you look at it on the train on the way home as well as in the comfort of your office. We took a look at the statistics of one newsletter we produce for a client recently and found that nearly one in five people are reading it on their iPhone. Knowing the popularity of the Apple handset, we had designed the newsletter to work well on it as well as in desktop email clients. If you were receiving the newsletter you would never know but in a world where communication with clients is vital, that behind-the-scenes work really pays off.

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